According To The Author, How Is Technology A Window Into A New World

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  • improves brain connectivity.
  • increases your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • empowers you to empathize with other people.
  • aids in sleep readiness.
  • reduces stress.
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
  • fights depression symptoms.
  • prevents cognitive decline as you age.

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How does the narrator know that Claribel had already learned how do you operate in space?

How? Answer 2: The Claribel had learned to operate in the absence of gravity by keeping her wings folded along her sides and hanging in the air without an effort.

What did the narrator bring Claribel to senses?

Someone said to give her a oxygen from oxygen mask which served as an oxygen tent for Claribel. The oxygen revived Claribel and she called everyone to breakfast and passed out again.

Where did the narrator see Claribel?

The narrator spotted claribel when – he looked up after hearing a musical whistle nearby. 2. Claribel had been brought from earth by sven in order to see how a bird would operate in space. siting VIPs because he was an unauthorized pet.

What can you infer about the narrator and her husband?

The narrator is trapped in a patriarchal marriage in which her physician husband makes all the decisions for her and calls her a “silly goose” when she complains. … We can also infer that by the end of the story the narrator is very angry at her husband over the way he has been treating her.

Why does the narrator feel that Sven’s selection was very sensible?

ans)The narrator felt that Sven’s selection was very sensible because Claribel weighed practically nothing her food requirements were minimal and she was not worried as most animals would have been by the absence of gravity.

Who was Claribel and how did the narrator came across her?

1. Who was claribel and how did the narrator come across her ? Ans – Claribel was a small yellow Canary and astronomer Sven Olsen’s pet. One day when the narrator was sitting in the cubbyhole he had a musical whistle beside his ear .

How did the narrator feel that she had rung the wrong?

The woman pretended as if she does not recognize her. This made the narrator feel that she had rung a wrong bell. The narrator saw that the lady who opened the door was wearing the green cardigan which originally belonged to her mother. This made her believe that she had come up to the correct address.

How does the narrator realize that she has rung the right bell?

The narrator told her that she was Mrs S’s daughter. The woman stood staring at her. The narrator realised that perhaps she had rung the wrong bell. … The woman was wearing her mother’s green knitted cardigan.

How did the narrator feel when she was in the midst of things?

Now the narrator was in the midst of all those ‘nice things’ that once belonged to her mother. All the silver cutlery antique plates and large vases were there. She was pained to note that they were ‘tastelessly’ arranged and shabbily used. No doubt those articles aroused nostalgic feelings in her.

What does the author of the black hole of technology vow to do the next time she is walking along a road?

It was then that I vowed that next time my friends and I are absorbed into our phones on a sunny day I wouldn’t close the curtains. Next time I’m walking along any road I’ll value my surroundings instead of texting on a device.

Why does the author say in a life of go go go?

In the story the author frequently contrasts the words “go” and “stop” as in this example: “In a life of go go go I had finally stopped. … It reveals the author’s love of travel and ever-changing landscapes.

What is the most likely meaning of devouring?

Devour means to eat greedily and hungrily. The meaning of devour has grown to include the consumption of things other than food.

Why does the author of teens and technology share a future value technology so much?

Why does the author of the article value technology so highly? It gives him a way to connect with young people. It allows humans to find any information they need. … Doing so will help them find and use more important information.