16 Pertanyaan Tentang English for Hotel and Tourism + Jawaban

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9. How can I speak English in hotel?

Receptionist: Good Morning! …
Receptionist: Sure ma’am. …
Receptionist: If you will pay by debit or credit card so you will get 10% cash back.
Receptionist: Yes sir you will get 15% discount on that.
Receptionist: t will cost you around INR 1530 plus taxes per day.

10. What is English Tourism?

English for tourism is knowing enough English to successfully navigate in an English speaking society. Many times people travel and want to experience a country’s culture and points of interest. … Being able to ask basic questions and respond to others in a socially appropriate manner is needed for trip enjoyment

11. What is language tourism?


Language tourism is defined as a study abroad experience that includes activities that heighten the language learning process and include culturally oriented activities (Bergin, 1992; Wissot, 1970).

12. Why it is important to have good communication skills for tourism industry?

Excellent communication skills can enhance a guests experience as it shows that you are listening to them, valuing their feedback and conveying clear messages. This can lead to customer loyalty, increased business and eventually the hotel becoming more successful.

13. How do you greet a hotel customer?

There are five best practices for greeting the guests when they arrive:
1 Dressing: It forms the first impression and welcoming a guest is just like going on the first date. …
2 Smile with a Greeting: …
3 A Different Greeting: …
4 Offer to Assist Them: …
5 Ask Questions:

14. How do you book a hotel conversation?

Hotel: Good afternoon. Welcome to the Grand Woodward Hotel. …
Guest: I have a reservation for today. It’s under the name of Hannighan.
Hotel: Can you please spell that for me, sir?
Guest: Sure. H-A-N-N-I-G-H-A-N.
Hotel: Yes, Mr. …
Guest: Yes, it is.
Hotel: Excellent. …
Guest: Whoa!

15. What do hotel receptionists say?

A friendly smile and a warm greeting make a great start. Hello, welcome to [name of your hotel]. Here’s a standard greeting you could use. Instead of a simple hello, you could also say good morning, good afternoon or good evening depending on the time of day the guest walks in.

16. What are the types of tourism?


Types of tourism
There are three basic forms of tourism: domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism refers to activities of a visitor within their country of residence and outside of their home (e.g. a Brit visiting other parts of Britain).

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